About US

Shelter Associates was established in 2014

Shelter Associates is a design, engineering and architecture company providing professional consulting services for construction, infrastructure, industrial and property markets. Established in 2014, we have evolved into a design specialized team of architects, engineers and interior designers.

Our capabilities give us the confidence to provide the customer with a single point of contact, right from conceptual planning to hand over of the project. We have acquired experience in a variety of fields through a multitude of projects covering every function of design, construction and project management.

We blend your vision of a beautiful home with what is practical and what is affordable with the right materials and effective cost. Our expert professionals help you to chalk out your design in a way that will suit you and the house both.

Our buildings in their biotic form breathe the air, smell the mud and create positive energy in the spaces we create. We use eco-friendly materials and source them locally as far as possible. Our designs are made for the localities they are built in. We do not believe in incorporating trends that are glossy and synthetic. Our designs are pure, raw and earthy.

Our plants are sourced from the best nurseries and importance is given to the quality of the saplings and seeds. Our landscape designs take into account the topography, soil conditions, climate, natural resources, vegetation, infrastructure and building during the planning stage. We ensure our landscape adds value to your space making it your spot of green!